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"Slideshop's visuals have helped us create vibrant presentations, converying complex messages with minimum effort and maximum cut-through."

Mark Narborough, Vice President, Finance and Business Affairs


"The best graphical application site I have encountered. Truly useful and creative."

Antonis Eleftheriou, Marketing Manager


"Our enhanced presentations resulted in a much deeper understanding of our concept which has led to an increased EBIT, something we all strive for every day."

Mads Jespersen, Small Business Consultant


Below you’ll find comments and praise from some of our largest and best-known clients. In truth, though, there are many, many smaller companies who always turn to for their presentation needs – and every presenter from every company is equally important to us.

Whether you’re all on your own or part of a Fortune 500 organization, Slideshop is here for you. We want your presentations to stand out from the crowd, make a big and lasting impact, drive your messages home and create the motivations you’re aiming for. Oh – and we also want to save you tons of your precious time! 

Here’s what some of our customers say:


"Slideshop's visuals have helped us create vibrant presentations, conveying complex messages with minimum effort and maximum cut-through." 

Mark Narborough, Vice President Finance and Business Affairs



"The best graphical application site I have encountered. Truly useful and creative."

- Antonis Eleftheriou, Marketing Manager



"Our enhanced presentations resulted in a much deeper understanding of our concept which has led to an increased EBIT, something we all urge."

- Mads Jespersen, Small Business Consultant

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Harley Davidson

Warner Bros

Booz Allen Hamilton



Philip Moris     International
John Deere




Capgemini Toyota
jetBlue Airways
FedEx Wolford Chrysler
Turk Telekom
RollsRoyce Yamaha
Starbucks Pepsi Boston University
Goldman Sachs 3M Company  American Express Logo Anderson Partners Logo Loreal
PWC Mitsubishi AT&T Nielsen Nissan
Pfizer Ramboll Management Scandinavin Zeiss
USA Army Western Digital  










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Sales Effectiveness, Inc.
"The ability to present is one of the most important skills of a professional.  We heartily endorse the templates from as a resource to help any presenter create more persuasive slides and a more engaging message to their audience.  Visuals and pictures will help tell your story clearly and with conviction. templates will save you time and effort in structuring and preparing your presentation."

Carlos Quintero, President


"Prior to testing their concept and eye-catching elements we found ourselves using extensive amounts of unnecessary time trying to invent something that already existed."

Rasmus, Sales Manager


Consulting Professional
"Slideshop is the touch I needed to make my presentations stand out and make a lasting impression."

Matt Kelley


Unstoppable Enterprises Inc.
"Using my new template from has taken my presentations to a whole new level.  Your template has enabled me to create beautiful presentations that are consistent with my brand and they look like I paid a designer a LOT of money to create them.  I can't wait to develop my next presentation now that I have this amazing tool."

Cynthia Kersey, Best-Selling Author


Clarity Resource Group
"Thank you so much for the extraordinary service you offer.  Slideshop has made our company's slides infinitely more sophisticated and professional."

Melanie Hendrix, VP Marketing


"Thank you for your rapid response. I am impressed with your commitment to customer service." 

Jim Symcox


CPC Healthcare Communications
"Thanks so much for the help and the free download. It is working beautifully."

Patti Rempel, Account Director


Duncan Hart Consulting 
"Creative design with impact is essential for any presenter. We may think we can do it ouselves but Slideshop demonstrates the difference graphically!" 

Duncan Hart, Director


DHL Supply Chain 
"The website is very user friendly and their templates exceeded my expectation. My overall experience with Slideshop was very good indeed." 

Court Swan


Crescent Partners (UK) 
Slideshop is the ideal PP product for high-end business presentation situations. It's not cheap and gimmicky like most other online PP template companies. I highly recommend this company to people who really want to make a difference with their presentations." 

James Hill, Investment Manager


Al Rawasi Consultancy Company 
"I have worked with a number of templates before but
Slideshop the  products are by far the best I have ever seen. They enabled me to do couple of weeks worth of work in a day and gave my presentations the finishing touch that I wanted. They have high quality, communicative and easy to use designs backed by a professional and friendly customer support team." 

Mohammed Abdulmalik, Managing Director


TrackPoint Systems LLC 
"Slideshop templates offer an inexpensive way to customize presentations for specific customers and markets. They are the best value I have found in over 35+ years of business experience." 

Roland Keistler, President


HexCode Technologies 
"It was a fantastic experience. I strongly believe that you help us in communicating our messages." 

Samudra Dutta Gupta, CEO


Clubmedia Asia, Inc. 
Slideshop slide designs are young, fun and yet elegant. They have always succeeded in amazing my clients." 

Shirley Bangit, Senior Media Planner/ Buyer is the new sister site where we handle custom presentations.
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