Branding Your Presentation: How to Quickly Change Template Colors

Tutorial Video: Branding Your Presentation

In today’s competitive market, with slide decks as the norm, branding your presentation can help your pitch, quarterly results, or product roadmap presentation stand out.

In this tutorial, learn how to quickly change template colors in PowerPoint to create on-brand presentations that look as if they were designed in-house.

Note that we created the tutorial video on a Mac. If you’re a Windows user, you may notice slight differences in menu options. Also note that, as of yet, there is no way to use this capability in Keynote. If you’d like Keynote-specific instructions, let us know in the comments!

How to Quickly Change Template Colors for PowerPoint Presentations

Step 1: In the top menu, click DESIGN. Move your cursor over to the second ribbon. Click the small downward arrow, and hover over Colors in the menu that pops up. (0:34)


Step 2: A list of color schemes will appear. Click on Customize Colors at the bottom of the list. (0:39)

Step 3: In the panel that appears, focus only on the Accent colors. To make branding your presentations easy, we coded all colors in our templates using Accent colors. (0:45)


Step 4: Choose the Accent color you want to change, and another panel will appear. Use that new panel to choose your new color. You can do so in one of three ways: move the sliders, type in brand color hex codes, or choose from the Recent Colors menu at the bottom of the panel. (0:58)


Step 5: Once you’ve set each Accent color, type in the name of your new theme at the bottom so you can use it the next time you use this template. (1:12)


Step 6: Then click SAVE, and voilà! What was once colored black is now colored brown. (1:20)


You’ve successfully branded your presentation and can use your newly saved color scheme on any SlideShop template in the future.

Branding Your Presentation: How to Use Your Newly Saved Color Scheme in Future Presentations

When it comes time to create your next presentation, go to View and click into the Master Slide view. (1:29)


Click on the Master Slide in the deck to the left, and then move your cursor to the Colors dropdown menu. From there, select your saved color scheme to automatically change the colors in the template. (1:40)


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