Leveraging PowerPoint Animation: How to Swap Animated Images

You’ve applied your PowerPoint animations to an image or icon in your presentation and everything looks beautiful and works magically. However, after a review from your boss or a revision from your client you now have to replace that image with a different image.

You loathe the idea of having to delete that image (along with the animation) just to end up recreating or reconfiguring the PowerPoint animation that took a so long to get just right before crying out, “I wish there was a better way!”

Well, guess what? There is! Changing images without affecting the PowerPoint animation is a great way to save time while customizing your image or icon. In this short video, I’ll show you how to do just that.

In some of our slides at SlideShop, such as the Key Points Slide Bundle, you’ll notice there are animations on the slide. You can tell there is animation on slides by noticing this little star icon that appears next to the slide in the deck.

Step 1:

First, open the animation panel by going to the Animations tab at the top and clicking on the “Animation Pane” icon. The panel will open up on the right side, where you can see all the animations applied to the objects on the slide.


Step 2:

Then select the icon that you want to change.


Step 3:

Next select the Graphics Format option that appears at the top, and select Change Graphic. You can choose to swap out your graphic with the different options in the menu: image type, an online image, or a PowerPoint icon. For now, I’ll choose “From Icons.” A window will appear and you can select your new icon from there and hit Insert.


Notice that nothing changed in your animation panel. Talk about VICTORY. The only adjustment that you’ll need to make after swapping out the image is its formatting. Formatting such as color and sometimes size.

The process is very similar if you are wanting to swap out a photo with PowerPoint animation. You’ll have different formatting options depending on the file type you are replacing the image with.

For example, if you were to select a. JPG or .PNG file type, you’ll notice that Picture Format shows up at the top instead of Graphics Format. This will still give you the option to change the picture, however, you will lose the option to select from PPT’s icon library.

To sum things up, don’t delete the image or icon because then you’ll have to redo your animation; instead simply swap out the image and save yourself some time.

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