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As a Project Manager, you are a project communication master. You know your goals, you understand your constraints, you’ve picked your team, and you’ve outlined your plan. However, executing your project plan is only half the battle. You have to communicate your plan to different audiences clearly and effectively.

For any given project, you might have three different audiences: your team, your management, and your client/customer. Most importantly, your day-to-day is all about keeping these audiences updated. But you must also keep teams, projects, and budgets on track. Your biggest challenges are getting your team to work in sync, meeting your deadlines, and aligning your audiences.

So, how do you create alignment?

Part of being able to work effectively and efficiently is your ability to align everyone’s expectations and priorities. To do that, you need a clear and public roadmap.

Which is why we’ve built expert-driven project communication presentation templates that help you cut through the noise and create alignment. With these templates, you’ll find the tools you need to keep your teams on track and your stakeholders aligned.

Here’s what you get in the FREE Project Communication Presentation Template Bundle:

  1. Agile Methodology Presentation Template
  2. Product Roadmap Presentation Template
  3. Gantt Chart Data Visualization Tool
  4. Kanban Chart Data Visualization Tool
  5. Timeline Chart Data Visualization Tool

Get your FREE download of professionally designed Project Communication Presentation Templates HERE!


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