When it comes to relaying information quickly and easily, powerpoint charts are huge. Get your points across with our crisp, clear, beautifully presented Powerpoint chart slides and templates.

Why are charts so popular? They can showcase otherwise boring or hard-to-grasp data and relationships in an interesting, visual form—without the presenter wasting time and effort!

There are five main types of PowerPoint charts on this category:

* Graphs

* Matrix charts

* Pie charts

* Data-driven charts, and

* Organizational charts


Each kind is intended to present a certain type of data.


PowerPoint graphs are mostly used to compare data and numbers.


Pie charts effectively give an overview of the total proportions of given factors, such as share of each product in sales, share of cost for each department, etc. SlideShop offers variety in all of these chart types, and many of them are in 3D.


Data-driven charts make it even easier to apply your data to the chart. You can present your data in graphical form by simply entering information into the Excel spreadsheet embedded in the chart.

Browse through our selection of charts. You're sure to find a package that suits your needs perfectly.


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