+1000 PowerPoint diagrams slides and templates to choose from. To make it easier to find what you need, we've broken them down into 4 Powerpoint diagrams categories.

The Business Models category includes PowerPoint diagrams that help you present established concepts of management: BCG Matrix, 7S Model, Porter's 5 Forces, Maturity Model and more.

  • The Icons category has various templates that are collections of several icons on precise themes; these templates are the most versatile products in the bunch.
  • The Process Diagrams category offers ready-to-use PowerPoint diagrams on complex business processes in a nutshell, including Scrum Process diagram, Flowchart Visual, Business Process Re-Engineering, and Innovations process.
  • The Puzzle Diagrams category completely lives up to its name, with a wide variety of puzzle templates: you can find anything from puzzle pyramids and puzzle pie charts to puzzle timelines in this category.
  • The Stage Diagrams category includes templates showcasing various stages of processes and markets.
  • The Text Boxes category is full of template that can be used in any type of presentation; with these templates, you can directly convey any message in the form of text.
  • The Timelines category, as its name suggests, contains products that represent time-bound events effectively; for example, the Gantt chart is very useful for communicating deadlines for each project or process stage and step.
  • Finally, templates in the Tree Diagrams category portray complex connections of different factors and parts of a whole.

To make your presentations complete, SlideShop also offers a wide, wide selection of PowerPoint Charts, PowerPoint Shapes, PowerPoint Templates, PowerPoint Animations, and PowerPoint Maps.

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