Google Slides

Google Slides is Google’s new presentation software, available free to anyone with a Google account. Fresh designs, easy editing, and full PowerPoint compatibility. What's not to love?! 

And now Slideshop is proud to offer a whole new series of slide templates specifically designed for use in Google Slides, in WIDE format presentations. 

But even though they're tailored to Google Slides format, they work perfectly in PowerPoint, too. 


Google Slides, PowerPoint and Slideshop: Perfect Partners

It’s easy to import PowerPoint slides into Google Slides, for sharing and collaboration. That means if you’ve already got a presentation built in PowerPoint, or some favorite “go-to” slides you want to add to a new presentation, just import them and you’re good to go. And this applies to all your Slideshop slide templates, too! 

This compatibility works the other way around, too: If you've built a slide or presentation in Google Slides, you can download it to work with in PowerPoint. Take your pick!

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