For an effective, professional PowerPoint presentation you can rely on Slideshop for PowerPoint icon templates and slides with visual punch.

The templates on this page feature icons and images your audience will notice and remember. From business and corporate icons to stickers and badges, we’ve got PowerPoint icons for every business topic—finance, environment, health, social media and more. 

* Easy, instant download

* Fresh, clear, high-impact professional designs make your presentation memorable

* Fully customizable – add and edit your own text, images, media and graphics

* Build your brand by adding your organization’s logo, colors and more

* Budget friendly – and special packages and subscriptions are always available

* New slides and bundles added weekly

* Custom designs and complete presentations available

* Mac Keynote compatible

* Browse our huge selection now – you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Slideshop PowerPoint templates save you valuable prep time. You can easily customize any of our slides with your own data. Never make another PowerPoint presentation from scratch! Just plug in your information, tweak it, and go. Check out our blog for more information on how to choose a slide template.  


Here’s to You, Mac Keynote Users

Everywhere you see “PowerPoint” on this page, feel free to mentally substitute “Mac Keynote.” Every single one of our slides and templates can be easily opened and tweaked in Mac Keynote.


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