Matrix Charts

When you’re presenting multi-dimensional data, a PowerPoint matrix chart is invaluable. But don’t waste time trying to build a matrix table from scratch – has already done the hard work for you.

Use our PowerPoint templates for plug-and-play ease in creating your business presentations. 

In addition to traditional matrix charts and tables, you'll find:

BCG matrix

PEST(EL) analysis

3D Ansoff growth matrix

Risk matrix tables and charts

and much more. Check them out now, and find the one that's right for your next presentation.

We even offer an animated matrix chart. You’ll impress your audience with the professional quality of these PowerPoint graphics.

(Mac users: Love our designs but don’t love PowerPoint? We’re happy to say that our slides and templates are fully compatible with Mac Keynote.)

You Need Custom PowerPoint Templates? You Got ’Em!

Some situations call for custom PowerPoint design, built from the ground up. We can provide made-from-scratch designs to suit the specific needs of your organization. Click here to learn about our professional design services at 24 Slides.


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