Pie Charts

PowerPoint pie chart and templates help you present your data in a compelling way. The best news is they can save you the headache of endlessly tweaking generic PowerPoint themes for your data-driven graphics.

Our easily customizable slides and templates let you put your focus on your data, where it belongs.

You’ll love the huge variety of PowerPoint pie charts, with options like:

* puzzle pie charts that demonstrate how data fit together

* focused pie charts highlighting one set of data

* data-driven pie charts


What’s more, we offer both 2D and 3D options.


Looking for a different type of chart design? Check out the Charts and Data section of our website for more options.

For Those Who Prefer Mac Keynote over PowerPoint

Mac Keynote users, we’ve got you covered — all of the slides and templates at Slideshop.com are Keynote compatible.

We Offer Custom PowerPoint Designs

Our PowerPoint templates are easy to customize on your own with a minimum of tweaking. But for those special situations when you need a design genius to build a slide (or several) from the ground up, check out our professional design services at 24 Slides.


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