Tree Diagrams

Tree diagrams are a fantastic way to present complex data visually, whether you’re demonstrating interrelationships or cause and effect. offers a variety of PowerPoint templates featuring tree diagrams in unique modern designs. On this page you’ll find decision trees, cluster diagrams, family trees, mind maps, root diagrams, and more.

Our Microsoft PowerPoint slide templates put your focus on your data, instead of pouring energy into struggling with software. They're easy to use, and Mac Keynote compatible, too!

Ready? Good. Let's get started:

* Browse our templates

* Pick the best design for your presentation needs

* Download the file

* Customize slides with your own data

It really couldn’t be easier! 

Read more about using PowerPoint templates at our Slideshop blog. 


We’re Keynote-Friendly

Not everyone loves Microsoft PowerPoint—we get it. That’s why every slide and template at is 100% compatible with Mac Keynote.

We Do Custom Designs, Too

For projects that need more than simply customizable slides, we’ve got a few design geniuses on hand to create truly custom slides and templates from scratch. Take a look at our professional design services at 24 Slides.

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