5 Stages of Buying Decision process

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Need help with a tough purchasing decision? This slideshow is not only a customizable deck with this theme in mind, it's full of actual advice to help your audience shop better! That's right, you don't have to change a single letter if you're looking to deliver a presentation on buying decisions; we've done the hard work for you. Of course, as with all our templates, you have full ability to mix and match the included cartoon-style illustrations and graphics for your own use. A fun, hip template to use for any teachable decision making process; this deck comes chock full of presentation elements you can reuse forever.

These 18 slides are designed with a stylize cartoon look, sporting a happy yellow and blue theme with splashes of red. The colors are slightly muted to convey a warmer feel. Included illustration and icons can help punctuate your points on decision making, as well as making for great splash-pages to drive home certain points. A great explainer deck overall, you can use our 5 Stages of Buying Decision Process slideshow just on its own, or customize to your heart's content. Happy shopping!

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