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AIDA model was presented by Elmo Lewis to explain how personal selling works. It shows a set of stair-step stages which describe the process leading a potential customer to purchase. The stages are Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It makes a bussiness company easy in reaching the target market.

The stages demonstrate that consumers must be aware of a poduct's existence, be interested enough to pay attention to the product's features/benefits, and have a desire to benefit from the product's offerings. Then it will come as a natural result of consumers' action to buy the product.

AIDA PowerPoint template is a powerful tool to present a promoting plan you are going to make. This PowerPoint able to explain those stages clearly. It could be used for detail discussion of AIDA concept. Those 8 slides are able to be adjusted as you want because it is editable. So you can change the colors, angle and make it more attractive as you like it.

The design is simple yet ellegant. Strategically, it has a specific features of shape to represent AIDA model that will helps people understands your presentation better.
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