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This google slide presentation can be used by women and men. The Charts & Diagrams Google Style powerpoint templates are pretty basic, if you will be adding in a lot of charts and diagrams, this is the perfect powerpoint slide for you. This powerpoint presentation could be used at any time in any kind of presentation. The Charts & Diagrams Google Style is handy because each slide template shows you a different type of graph you can use. All of the google slide templates focus on a different chart or diagram and explains how you use it and how to set it up. This presentation template, not only explains how to use and set up the google style chart and diagram but there is also a picture so you can see an example of how it will look.

* Basic, different shades of red
* Charts & Diagrams Google Style offers 8 slides
* Anyone can use this powerpoint
* Multiple options to use for graphs
* Less expensive single deck

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