Communication Bundle 2017

54 Slides
Sample Slides
This powerpoint presentation is targeted for women and men both to better their communication skills. The communication bundle powerpoint templates basically will help you to understand better the communication process, channels of communication, elements of communication, factors of communication, barriers to communication, stages of listening, effective speaking tips, and active listening techniques. This google slides presentation could be used at any time but mostly just in the workplace as part of a new job orientation or school before a big speech. The communication bundle is very useful. Each slide template and all of the google slide templates focus on one communication skill at a time. On some of the presentations templates, there are even graphs such as stair steps going upward showing each stage of listening. For others, there are web graphs as well as compare and contrast graphs showing how the tone of voice, words, and body language are alike and different.

* Colorful
* Communication bundle offers 8 slides
* Women or men can use this powerpoint
* Offers communication skill techniques
* Expensive bundle

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