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De Bonos Six Thinking Hats

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De Bono Six Thinking Hats is thinking tool for group discussion and individual thinking. The method is attributed to Dr. Edward de Bono and is the subject of his book, Six Thinking Hats.

Six distinct states are identified and assigned a color:

? Information: (White) - considering purely what information is available, what are the facts?

- Emotions (Red) : instinctive gut reaction or statements of emotional feeling (but not any justification)

- Bad points judgment (Black) : logic applied to identifying flaws or barriers, seeking mismatch

- Good points judgment (Yellow) : logic applied to identifying benefits, seeking harmony

- Creativity (Green) : statements of provocation and investigation, seeing where a thought goes

- Thinking (Blue) : thinking about thought

The design is simple but illustrates the concept perfectly. The slides are also editable so that you can adjust the graph, edit the text, or change the colors as you like it.

De Bonos Six Thinking Hats

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