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Dice is an important integral part of many developed ancient civilizations. For time immemorial dice represent luck, risk and chance. Though traditionally dice use for playing games or for gamble, as a metaphor it can represent too many factors to indicate, viz. business environment, effects of global warming, possibilities of war or world war, misuse of nuclear weapons and many other possibilities lay in the future ahead. Dice are widely use for the explanation of probability theory based on random result of identical actions. This power point presentation consist of 13 power point slides which are constructed using effective color and design to make it look more attractive

It is not that dice always produce results mere by chance, there is a scope to get desired results with the help of loaded dice, a kind of tampered ones, one can comment that irrespective to the extent of uncertainty efforts always bring some result. This Dices PowerPoint template contains several slides with dice illustrated in different angles. One can add specification in text box provided in each slide, moreover all the graphics in this product are easily customizable, colors, text as well angles can be changed by simple click movements.

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