Force Field Analysis

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Force Field Analysis is a technique for explaining forces that will drive and resist a change. It portrays driving forces and restraining forces that affect a central question or problem.

A force field diagram can be used to compare any kind of opposites, actions and consequences, different points of view, and so on to set the stage for making change possible.

Changes will not occur when the driving forces and restraining forces are equal, or the restraining forces are stronger than the driving forces. For change to be possible, the driving forces must overcome the restraining forces.

This Force Field Analysis powerpoint slides are illustrating the diagram in an effective way.

With columns and bar chart you will be able to put and show your ideas clearly with these slides. The graphics which depict the concepts are designed to make your presentation looks more interesting.

These 9 slides can be adjusted as you want because they are fully editable. So you can change the colors, angle and make it more attractive as you like it.
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