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Funnels are great visuals to convey lead or sales flow. Funnel bundle combines over 30 slide templates featuring diagrams of all shapes and sizes.
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Especially if you're in Sales & Marketing, Funnels are great visuals to help convey lead or sales flow. Start wide and narrow down, until you get the desired customers. This bundle combines three of our most popular Funnel Slideshows, giving you over 30 slides worth of funnels of all shapes and sizes. You just might never run out of funnels to include in your presentations again, especially since they can be used an unlimited amount of times.

This bundle includes:

3D Funnel Diagrams
Horizontal Funnel Diagrams
Sales and Marketing Funnels

Each slides is easily customizable to fit your needs, with changeable icons, text, labels, and more. Slash hours off your presentation creating time by using these Funnel Diagrams and simply plugging in your metrics. With different designs that can suit nearly any corporate need, you'll be visualizing your lead flow without the hassle of creating plain-looking funnels from scratch.
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