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During industrial revolution machine was the main concern for the businesses, but time has changed. Today's services driven world, manpower is probably the most important factor amongst all 6M i.e. Man, Machine, Money, Material, Market and Management. Thus Hr Planning is necessary for every organization. Recruiting, right people to the organization it self is a challenge and retaining them is even difficult as organization keep on alluring and offering higher salaries to capable employees. Though if their needs taken in account and motivate them accordingly one can form as well as sustain effective and motivated work force for sure.

This Hr Plan PowerPoint presentation covers all the aspects of Human Resource management, this template will surely very helpful to you while presenting your Hr Plan. All the graphics used in the template are easily customizable. This power point presentation consist of 13 power each slide Is constructed using different color and design to make it more attractive.

Click on the slides below to view each slide. You will be able to download the template immediately after payment.

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