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Internal Marketing

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Internal Marketing

Internal marketing is about relationship of an employer with its employees. The concept is that the staff should be seen as internal customers and their needs should be met.

The internal marketing concept includes:

- Motivation: Staff needs motivation because a motivated staff will work harder and give the external customers a better service.

- Training: If the staff needs to be trained, the firm should be able to offer this to show that they are interested in their skills development.

- Rewards: Rewards and recognition by the firm is also very important, staff that are praised feel a sense of satisfaction that encourages them to work harder.

- Quality: When the staff finds themselves appreciated and needed in the firms, it will leads to a better service quality.

- Culture: Culture is also an important part of the internal marketing process. Staff across departments and levels should share the same values.

- Staff: Internal marketing should involve all staff.

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