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Life itself is not less than a maze or labyrinth, so is business. While you are just playing a game your mistakes doesn't make any difference, but in the maze of real life your each mistake can mess your entire life or cost you several thousands bucks. For entrepreneurs every new venture is a new maze even existing ventures also keep testing them. They have to be very careful every time as one wrong move is enough to ruin all your hard work, leading you no where.

This Maze PowerPoint template is a handy tool to explain importance of every single decision and consequences of one incorrect move. Several high quality graphics of mazes are mean to express pre cautions, hard work and innovation in processes and day to day operations. This power point spresentation consist of 11 power points slides which is consteucted using amazing color and design to make to look atrractive.

This Maze Template is Compatible with Powerpoint 2007 / 2008 only.

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