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Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats. If you're trying to figure out your business plan or life goals, a SWOT Analysis can help you identify the pros and cons of your professional niche. This slideshow uses minimalistic colors (black, white, pops of pink) to lay out a professional and visually striking SWOT analysis, suitable to be presented to your company or your team.

12 slides are included in this SWOT Analysis that includes stock images of professionals engaged in group-think, as well as unique icons that punctuate your ideas and research. There are slides dedicated to each letter of SWOT, with cut-out letters overlayed on stock images. If you're looking to present a SWOT analysis, this presentation template will save you hours of time; just plug and play your data and thoughts into this deck, and you're ready to showcase why you'll win your niche.

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