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One of the most marvelous invention of technology and the most intelligent machine man has ever made, computer has been a part and life parcel of our life for quite some time now. Discovery of internet made it even more powerful that it formed a massive IT industry, provides employment to infinite number of people globally and other thousands of people earn their lively hood online. The life and blood of this amazing machine is software. An ordinary user can hardly imagine that seemingly user friendly applications are based on extremely complex programming. The interface, which an end user see on the screen are just the cloth, actually real miracle lies in binary codes, the only language computer understands. All important information such as users, security codes as well as hitches like virus communicated with these binary codes only at the back end. While with the help of user interface the end user can use the application with the help of mouse or key board at the front end. This 'Software' power point template will surely help you to present mechanism of software to your audience.

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