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"Invention of wheel is one of the most important events for the entire mankind, as wheel changed course of human life and civilizations entirely. Since then transportation has been playing a profound role in our life. From early horse cart days, today we have engineered supersonic planes flying faster than light. During this journey we see a considerable variety of transportation.

This Transportation Icons PowerPoint template consists icons most popular means of transportation worldwide viz. Bicycle, Motor Cycle, Car, Bus, Train, Airplane, helicopter etc. Since transportation affects every sphere of society and economy, this presentation is useful for all professionals especially for executives associated with manufacturing units, travel and tourism industry, and logistic companies. Some icons of special vehicles such as bulldozer, ambulance and other public transportation icons can be extremely useful for presentations. One can also use these icons in presentation on global warming or pollution arranging vehicles in terms of their fuel efficiency.

All the slides in this product are easily customizable, so go ahead and use them to give your presentation and extra edge.

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