What Your Investor Pitch Should Cover

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Use the What Your Investor Pitch Should Cover presentation template to include crucial information without burdening investors with unneeded details.
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They say your investor pitch shouldn't have more than 12 slides, not include cover and summary. This PowerPoint Investor Deck Template will tell you exactly what those slides need to be in order to wow your investors.

We are no strangers to investor decks here at Slideshop. We know if your deck is too long, you'll lose your audience, but if you leave out critical information, investors will not take you seriously. So don't guess! Your business is too important.

Instead, download this pitch deck template and populate it with your own information knowing you'll make a great impression on Shark Tank!

[We have more PowerPoint Templates just like this](https://slideshop.com/products/PowerPoint-Consulting-Bundle-4350)
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