Small Business Technology Implementation

24 Slides
Sample Slides
A small business technology implementation plan outlines current or proposed technology for one or more business process. When future-oriented, a technology implementation plan presentation is akin to a technology team’s marketing deck, as it maps new or existing technology to stated business goals.

This clean and colorful Small Business Technology Implementation presentation comes prepared with a color-coded outline for four technologies. Duplicate the slides as needed to discuss as many other technologies as you want.

Inside the template, find slides that communicate:

- The benefits of a technology
- How the technology will help the business achieve its goals
- Compelling customer, vendor, and other quotes
- The impact of a technology on business units by percentages
- Pie chart data
- Comparative ROI
- Overlaps via a Venn diagram
- A 360-degree technology overview

Change titles, text, and data to change what each slide communicates; change colors to stamp the deck as belonging to your brand.

Download the Small Business Technology Implementation template and begin editing right away.
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