Business Consulting Project Kickoff

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The consulting project kickoff meeting is one of your most crucial post-sale client touchpoints. Teams meet. Champions share visions. The stage is prepped for project success. Done right, the project kickoff meeting sets expectations, drives enthusiasm, and helps everyone on the client’s team feel invested in and motivated to go all out for success.

Adding to or detracting from that success is your project kickoff presentation. That presentation, without any words, tells the client what to expect from you throughout the project.

- Is the presentation’s design old and outdated? (“So are you,” they might think.)
- Do the presentation colors match the colors of your brand? (Otherwise … dissonance.)
- Are images and text boxes aligned? (Details matter.)

Put your best self forward with this sharply dressed Consulting Project Kickoff template. The template includes slides for:

- Project mission
- Project timeline
- Deliverables
- Phases of work
- Project risks
- Key players

Pro-design tips walk you through deck customization so you can brand it and make it your own. And the deck is available for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Slides.