Business Pitch

“Send me your pitch.” Ahhh … four magic words entrepreneurs everywhere long to hear—but rarely do.

This beautifully designed Business Pitch template, vetted by savvy investors who’ve said YES and NO to thousands of pitch offers, will increase your chances of investors asking to see your pitch.

Telling the story of your opportunity from problem / solution to testimonials and financial requirements, the Business Pitch presentation has 19 easy-to-edit slides, along with pro-designer tips for working with the financial tables and other graphics.

Get prospective investors, board members, business partners and clients excited, engaged, and invested by honing in on the problem right away and then following up with your unique solution, and the story of your unique differentiation and position in the market.

Use the deck as a standalone pitch by sending as a pdf, or as a support tool as you share your opportunity live, in the office or on the road.

The Business Pitch deck includes slides that allow you to quickly and visually:

– Outline the problem and your proposed solution
– Share facts and figures about your target market
– Describe your product
– Outline your business model
– Illustrate the competitive landscape and your place in it
– Propose a timeline and product roadmap
– Introduce your team
– Detail financial requirements

Here’s a Look Inside the Presentation