Insight Sales Pitch Deck

A great sales pitch presentation does two things well: one, it follows a story format that sets up the problem and then the solution; and two, it tells the story in a visually compelling way. This Insight Sales Pitch presentation does both.

Consider the Insight Sales Pitch template for pitches supported by detailed case studies that communicate—in addition to the basic problem/opportunity/solution—the customer’s process to find a solution, alternatives to your solution, why the customer chose you in the end, and the solution ROI. The template, available for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Slides, includes slides for:

• Market overview
• Why act now
• Outlining the customer’s problems
• Case studies (with ROI)
• Solution overview
• Problem/solution arranged side by side
• A graphical display of your process
• References and reference quotes
• Pricing and package options in a chart format
• Next steps

The slide deck also includes design tips from our design team for making the deck your own by modifying photos, color schemes, and chart data.

Here’s a Look Inside the Presentation