Sales Win-Loss Analysis

Use this professionally designed Sales Win-Loss presentation deck to communicate how well your sales processes are working, how you’re viewed in the market, and what really causes customers to choose you. This template includes slides for:

• The sales win-loss meeting agenda
• Key takeaways of the win-loss / executive summary
• Sales win/loss calculus
• Average sales team win rate
• SWOT analysis for the win-loss
• Featured top, or elite, seller
• Detailed analyses, such as top 3 win/loss scenarios, quarter-over-quarter win rate
• Customer survey feedback
• Additional win-loss points

The slide deck also includes supplemental charts you can copy and paste into your presentation, as well as design tips from our design team to help you make the deck your own by adding your own photos, changing color schemes, and customizing chart data.

Here’s a Look Inside the Presentation