Recruitment Process

19 Slides
Sample Slides
HR can sometimes seem its own world, with unique lingo, metrics, and processes that may feel foreign to those in other departments. Bring clarity and understanding of your recruitment process to the table with a slide deck presentation vetted by a panel of business executives, both in HR and not. As a bonus, the deck is suitable for presenting the recruitment process to potential candidates and new hires as well.

The graphic-rich, 19-slide presentation, includes:

• A company overview slide
• Various slides showing multiple views of the recruitment process from application and assessment to interview, offer and orientation
• A representation of the ideal candidate and how well a potential new hire measures up in categories you choose
• A representation of the ideal recruiting formula at your company and improvements needed in the process
• Slides for presenting key recruiting metrics, the assessment process, the interview process, and the orientation process
• Slides and supplemental charts for presenting additional information, such as for duties, payroll and tours

The deck also includes tips from our slide designers to help you customize charts, images, and colors.

Download the Recruitment Process presentation now.