Strategic Outsourcing

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Is your organization ready to tap or expand its use of strategic outsourcing for business processes, logistics, call centers or other functions? This presentation, available for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Slide, will help you build or solidify a business case or outline implementation plans. Whether your goal is to minimize costs, refocus your organization around its core mission, improve operations, or increase revenue, use this expert-vetted, professionally designed template to win appreciative nods from presentation viewers.

The modern, 11-slide presentation, includes:

• An attractive title slide with an enlarged (editable) icon serving as background
• A strategic-outsourcing-opportunities slide, with space to present the highlights of three opportunities
• A business case slide with room to outline three or four strategic outsourcing options
• A slide that presents the evolution and selection of strategic outsourcing over the course of six years or other units in a timeline view with room for a few words of explanation for each
• A SWOT analysis slide showing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats around outsourcing itself or a potential outsourcing partner
• A strategic outsourcing checklist slide to help you develop and present a clear list of milestones or actions, for instance, those around contract management
• A quarter-by-quarter breakdown of your plans for implementing and transitioning to your work with a strategic outsourcing partner
• A follow-up slide with space for Q&As or other points to consider

The Strategic Outsourcing slide template also includes professional design tips from our slide designers to help you customize slide elements, such as images, icons, and colors.
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