Visionary Pitch

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Is your audience “all pitched out?” They are if you notice these symptoms: watch glances, unfocused eyes, tired sighs. Captivate your audience right away—and hold their attention—with this Visionary Pitch deck designed specifically for communicating your big ideas, WHYs, and new business model.

The template is hefty, with 30 slides, giving you more options to play with as you build your Visionary Pitch presentation. From market overviews to tables that detail product features, the deck tells the full story of your Pitch. Inside, find slides for:

• Market overview, timeline focus
• Market overview, matrix/stats focus
• Market overview, icon-based trends focus
• Hero quotes
• Impact of the marketplace shift
• Competition, or companies already embracing change
• Common threads
• Process graphics that compare old and new ways
• Showing shifts in priorities
• Target audience versus current audience
• Diving deep into product features with tables

Also find design tips from professional designers for updating color schemes, chart data, and photos. Available for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Slides.

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