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Eric Otterson,
Managing Director

How it Works

1. Find the Perfect Presentation Assets

Pick from over 400,000 presentation templates, data visualization tools, stock photos, individual slide layouts, icons and graphics to help you tell your story.

2. Showcase your Brand Identity

Every paid membership comes with over 200 slides customized in your brand colors, fonts, and logo. You and your team can then easily use them across multiple presentations.

3. Collaborate with Your Team

With our team and enterprise editions, share access to SlideShop across your organization. Watch your colleagues create finished products you can all be proud of.

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“SlideShop Team Edition helps our team more effectively present our data while saving time by giving us presentations and data visualizations that follow our brand guidelines.”

David ambler, svp of marketing

SlideShop gives me unlimited access to the presentation assets I need to create more effective, more professional, more engaging presentations. It’s like my secret weapon in the board room.”

Joseph cole, chief marketing officer

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We’re confident our platform can empower you tell effective stories by giving you access to the right content and tools. However, we’re not naive. You want a test drive before signing up. Here you go!

Individual Membership =
less than you’d pay for 2 hours of design 

Team Membership =
less than you’d pay for 1 day of a designer’s time