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Bowman's Strategy Clock

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Bowman's Strategy Clock

The "Strategy Clock" is a marketing model used to analyze the competitive position of a company. This model based upon the work of Cliff Bowman and David Faulkner.

Bowman's Strategy Clock represents eight possible strategies in four quadrants defined by the price and unity or value axes.

The eight possible strategies are:
1. Low Price & Low Value: The firms forced to compete in because their product lacks of differentiated value.

2. Low Price: The companies drive the prices down, and they balance very low margins with very high volume.

3. Hybrid: Hybrids companies offer products at a low cost, but offer products with a higher perceived value than those of other low cost competitors.

4. Differentiation: Differentiation companies increase their price and sustain themselves through higher margins, or they keep their prices low and seek greater market share.

5. Focused Differentiation: Focused Differentiation companies perceived high value and high prices. The product does not necessarily have to have any more real value.

6. Increased Price / Standard Product: The companies simply increase their prices without any increase to the value side of the equation.

7. Increased Price / Low Values: The companies don't have to be concerned about adding value because, if customers need what you offer; they will pay the price you set.

8. Low values / Standard Price: The companies have low values but set standard prices for the product.

The Bowman Strategy Clock PowerPoint template is a powerfull tool to present your firms' marketing analyses. It could be used for detail discussion of Bowmans' strategic concept.

These 12 slides can be adjusted, as you want because they are fully editable. So you can change the colors, angle and make it more attractive as you like it. The design is simple yet elegant.
Strategically, it has a specific diagram popularized by Cliff Bowman and David Faulkner that will helps people understands your presentation better.

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