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" Fishbone diagram also known as Ishikawa diagram is an effective way to depict causes of particular event, in other words, it is used to present cause and effect relation. Fishbone diagram helps to show deviations in quality. One can illustrate causes of defect or imperfection in quality, caused by one or more factors such as People, Methods, Machines, Material etc. associated with the final outcome, it could be either product or service. Thus this Fishbone Diagram power point presentation is useful to the executives working in various industries and verticals. Graphics used in this power point template avail you to present numerous causes and effects in a single slide, so that you can cover relatively broader arena. Graphics are easily customizable; hence you can read your presentation in just few minutes by simply adding your own text in the graphics. This power point presentation consist of 10 power point slide in which all slide are constructed using effective color and diagram to make it more attractive.

Click on the slides below to view each slide. You will be able to download the template immediately after payment.

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