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There are varieties of occasions that people celebrate in different parts of the world, but if somebody asks you to site an occasion that is celebrated with equal enthusiasm and almost in an identical manner, it can be certainly a birthday. No one can deny the importance of this day in his life, since it is the day when he started his life. On birthday people take leave, invite their friends and celebrate with cutting cake, blowing candles and bursting balloons.

Today when social media has become part and parcel of our life and we have friends on Facebook and twitter from all around the world, it is obviously not possible to meet all our friends personally. At the same time sending free greeting card is also old fashioned now. This ""Happy Birthday"" PowerPoint presentation gives you a chance to create your own personalized presentation wherein you can add all your emotions and feelings with the help of graphics. You will find all the icons and graphics related to birthday such as cake, candles, balloon, gifts, caps etc.

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