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Idea Bulb

In 18th century a single simple invention of an ordinary weaver bore an industrial revolution. Today when one looks back, he must wonder how a simple invention can change the world for ever. The world never remains same since then. Thus invention or innovation change everything lifestyles, fashion, thinking of people and finally businesses as well. Since businesses are simply the reflections of demands and aspirations of the society new inventions affects businesses directly.

In case of most inventions there are scopes of improvements that are done to make the product practically feasible. This Idea Bulb PowerPoint template is an effective mean to portray these under development and introduction of the innovation stages. For long bulb is accepted as a metaphor of a groundbreaking thought, bulb is used here for innovation process. Since alike all our templates this Idea Bulb template is also easily customizable, you can add your own text as per your requirement.

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