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SWOT Illustration Icons New slide templates provide you with a fast framework to the strengths and weaknesses of your big idea with stunning visuals.
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If you made your own SWOT graphics in PowerPoint or Google Slides, it could take you hours. That's why we built you these 8 slides.

In just a few moments, you'll look like a Harvard MBA with your stunning visuals depicting the strengths and weaknesses of your big idea.

Or maybe your boss told you to make them a SWOT deck and you need a quick refresher...This deck provides you with a fast framework to getting your thinking in order and presentable.

With the first slide giving the overview of your analysis, each subsequent slide gives you the chance to drill down.

[Did you know we have a whole collection of SWOT illustrations?](https://slideshop.com/category/swot-powerpoint-slide-downloads)
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