Timeline Arrow Puzzle Google Style

8 Slides
Sample Slides
The arrow of time never stops, but at least you can harness it in a slideshow to get your process and goals across. Dynamic and directed, arrows are a universal symbol of progress. We've created these slideshow layouts to be easily customizable templates that can be inserted in any presentation to describe process, flow, and milestones.

8 slides showcase different arrow designs that can fit with a multitude of slideshow presentations. Designs range from colorful to muted, fun to business-like, numbered to icon-based. You'll find that you'll be able to use this set of Timeline Arrows for many projects. Included icons speak to business processes, and the text are located in clear and accessable places on each slide; unobtrusive, letting the design convey your meaning. Professionally designed with a Google-esque theme in mind, get your point across with these Arrow tips.

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