Product Roadmap Template

Satisfy the planners, visualizers and implementors among your stakeholders and on your team with this comprehensive, dressed-to-impress Product Roadmap template. The modern, crisp product roadmap template design says that you’re a polished professional, while the slide deck helps you tell the story of your upcoming product launch from product overview to plans for demand generation.

Use the SlideShop Product Roadmap Template to give internal and external stakeholders a clear view into your priorities and a desire to help move your product forward with 22 beautifully designed slides, including:

• Agenda
• Meet the leadership team
• Product overview / basic product information
• Target market
• User feedback
• Company mission, vision, values
• Company needs / customer desires Venn diagram
• Product roadmap timeline
• Focused tasks over project phases
• Detailed task completion timeframe with bar chart
• Marketspace snapshot
• Potential ROI with combination bar chart / line graph
• Plans for creating new demand

This comprehensive Product Roadmap presentation template also includes supplemental charts to drop into your deck as needed, as well as tips from our design team to help you modify photos, color schemes, and chart data.

Here’s a Look Inside the Presentation